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10 Things to Know About LASIK Eye Surgery + Nic’s YouTube Debút on GAC

Hi guys! Ever since I’ve known Nic (12+ years ago, ah!), he has talked about having LASIK eye surgery done. It’s been on his wishlist forever!

A few weeks ago, the stars aligned when the good people at ReVision Lasik & Cataract Surgery approached us about Nic receiving LASIK & sharing his experience with you all. To say we both were THRILLED is an understatement!!! Nic could not wait to have this done! And I was equally as excited and happy for him.

Nic’s surgery went as perfectly as expected & he makes his big blog debut today, in the YouTube video, below, chatting about his personal experience with the surgery, Dr. Schumer, and his amazing team at ReVision (which is just off of Polaris Parkway, by the mall, p.s.)!

Also, we learned a ton about LASIK while he went through this experience. We hope it will be beneficial to share what we’ve learned throughout this process with you, too, especially if you are considering having LASIK, too! These are our honest opinions, as well 🙂

Here are 10 important things you may want to know about LASIK:

  1. The consultation is free. At ReVision, Nic’s first appointment, the consultation, was FREE. This appointment was all about meeting the doctors, receiving education, and discovering if you qualify for LASIK, and if you don’t, what your other options are. Personally, at ReVision, Nic felt like this appointment set the stage for his entire LASIK experience. He learned so much and felt at ease with everyone instantly.

2. You may or may not be a candidate. Nic was thrilled to find he was a candidate for LASIK but it is a reality that not everyone is. If you’re not a candidate, again, there are other options available. If you are a candidate, like Nic, they’ll set you up with a surgery date and provide you some info regarding how to prep for surgery. Nic was instructed to stop wearing his contacts 3 days before surgery and to pick up preservative free artificial tears as well as antibiotics from the pharmacy.

3. You can go on a payment plan. The cost of LASIK varies and the average depends on several factors. In Ohio, it’s about $4,000 – $5,000 for both eyes. Honestly, that is a lot of $, we agree! BUT, Nic did the math with $400 for glasses every few years & $350 per year for contacts & solution, it all starts to add up quickly! ReVision offers a payment plan which is an outstanding option for those of you considering LASIK!

4. The actual surgery only takes about 8 minutes per eye. I was in the room while Nic’s surgery was performed at ReVision. It was the quickest procedure!!! Although I didn’t time it, it felt like he was in surgery for about 10 minutes. The entire surgery, Dr. Schumer was reassuring & coaching Nic, reminding him to look at the lasers/lights and to relax.

5. You will notice immediate results. Nic sat up and read the clock across the room immediately after surgery. It was absolutely amazing to see!!!

6. The recovery is the worst part BUT it doesn’t last long. Nic was totally okay until we got home from surgery. His numbing eye drops started to wear off and he described his eyes feeling like they had soap or sand in them. He was honest in that his eyes felt very irritated until he fell asleep. That’s the KEY to recovery: Falling asleep in a dark room! That way, you sleep through the worst part of recovery, which is about 4 hours post surgery. ReVision gave him protective glasses that he had to wear every night for about a week so he wouldn’t mess with his eyes.

7. Artificial tears & antibiotic eye drops will be your best friend. Nic consistently needed & used artificial tears every 30 minutes for the first few days & antibiotics 4 times per day for the first week.

8. You may potentially need LASIK again. Part of the education ReVision gave us at our consultation was letting us know that LASIK is not guaranteed for life. However, in Nic’s case & with his age, it should last a VERY LONG TIME. Dr. Schumer informed us that our eyes will change with natural aging (aka cataracts, etc.) and LASIK is not foolproof from that. However, although Nic’s surgery is completely insured for 18 months, it should last until he starts getting old 🙂

Dr. Schumer & his team are ALL ABOUT education. Hence, while we were there, the day of surgery, he actually had a local 6th grade class come in to chat about all things eyes and to witness Nic’s surgery!!! SO COOL.

9. You may see better than you EVER have. Nic has commented several times that he feels like his vision is BETTER THAN EVER. He describes things as being extremely sharp and in focus & can’t recall a time he’s ever seen so clear.

10. It is LIFE-CHANGING. If there’s one thing Nic can attest to, it’s that LASIK is all about improving your quality of life. He describes his new eyesight as a “gift every day” and has shared he wishes he would’ve done it years ago. No more worrying about contacts and/or glasses in the morning or evening routines. No more worrying about having to have back-up contact lenses at work, in his car, or gym bag “just in case.” No more having to take his glasses with him for every overnight trip, including hunting, fishing, and camping trips. No more worrying about the kids scratching his glasses while roughhousing at home. No more taking inventory of contact solution, lenses, and scheduling a yearly optometrist appointment just to be able to buy new contact lenses. LASIK is life-changing. Period.

ReVision is not your typical doctor’s office as we found out. There is truly a team effort behind your vision correction by people that LOVE what they do. Schedule your free consultation with them today & start your journey to clear vision.

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