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Where to Take Your Toddler in Columbus: COSI

Where to Take Your Toddler in Columbus - COSIOur absolute go-to spot for toddler fun in Columbus is COSI’s little kidspace®. ! This past winter, I kept hearing friends rave about their section for first grade and under: How engaging, colorful, and fun it was!COSI // girl about columbusI also had so many people tell me that their yearly membership rates were well worth it, especially if you have littles ones 2 and under! COSI ColumbusAs we Ohioans know, the winters can be long and brutal… especially when you have littles ones to entertain. COSI // girl about columbus

COSI Columbus OhioI had heard enough great reviews and decided to check this place out this past January, once Ava was over one year old and clearly needing some space to run and explore! COSI // girl about columbusWe purchased an Individual Membership pass for $89 for the year – which includes myself, a guest, and any kids that are 2 and under (more info on memberships HERE). COSI OhioI loved buying this pass because it meant I could bring my husband or a friend or family member… and my little girl, of course, was free! The pass gets you in anywhere you want to go in the massive science museum and research center, but we frequent the little kidspace section quite often!

COSI // girl about columbusDuring the winter months, it was absolutely perfect and we went nearly every weekend. During the spring and summer, we love to visit anytime when our babe is a bit stir-crazy, but COSI can’t be beaten on the rainy and/or super hot days! The Barnyard COSI ColumbusAva loves to climb up the treehouse, go down the slides, fill up the wheelbarrows with fruits and veggies from the market, splash at the water table, pretend she is grilling food in the house, and take care of the stuffed animals in the barn, just to name a few things! There is SO MUCH to do for the little ones! COSI // girl about columbusWe always stay for a couple hours and try to leave before she gets too over-tired, but she could play there forever! The Little Kid Space area also has a lunch area, vending machines, and a private nursing COSIObviously, we love COSI (it made the #1 spot on this list for a reason!), and all the fun play hours it’s given our girl, so, when COSI wanted to partner for a giveaway, I didn’t hesitate to say YES! Head over to the GAC Instagram to ENTER TO WIN 4 TICKETS TO COSI!COSI girl about columbus


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