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2nd Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

I can’t believe I have just a week or two left in my second trimester! Dubbed the “honeymoon trimester,” it really has been that and more for me and after a bumpy first trimester, getting my energy back and nixing my nausea felt great.2nd Trimester Pregnancy Essentials | girl about columbusThere are a few things I want to share that really helped me enjoy the past couple of months:

  • A BELLY BAND: I highly recommend this belly band ladies! I wore this a few times every week and it allowed me to get as much wear as possible out of my old jeans/bottoms – it fits around the waistband of your pants and securely holds them up without you having to zip/button them! The band comes in multiple colors, too!
  • A THICK BELLY LOTION: My sister-in-law gave me this belly butter really early on in my pregnancy and I’m so happy she did – it’s is 99% natural and is so thick and creamy. I applied this religiously every morning – trying to keep my skin hydrated and avoid those dreaded stretch marks! This is another great belly balm!
  • A GO-TO NAME RESOURCE: We love, love, love Nameberry!
  • COMFY SHOES/INSOLES: I had to breakdown and buy these insoles for my shoes – worth every penny for the added comfort.


  • NATURAL BODY CARE: I just ADORE Jessica Alba’s company, Honest, and have registered for pretty much every product in Honest’s line for my baby girl. I applied this lotion everyday (on my face/legs/arms/hands) because I knew it was a safe and natural option… plus, I can also use it on my little girl when she is here!
  • LEGGINGS: As soon as I get home from work, these leggings are on. I think every girl that is pregnant lives in leggings, right? I’m lucky I get to wear these over the next couple of months!
  • A GENDER REVEAL: If you decide to find out the gender of your babe, it’s so fun to do a gender reveal, big or small! It’s SUCH an exciting thing to celebrate! We did a gender reveal and you can read all about it HERE.
  • A PREGNANCY PILLOW: I just recently purchased this pillow from Amazon. I read a million reviews of different pillows and this one seemed to be the best! So far, so good. Sleeping on my left side hasn’t been easy for me as I’m a stomach/back sleeper so I’ve found I need something with good support as my belly has grown. My sleep is precious and everyone says to get it now while I can! 🙂
  • GET A PLAN TOGETHER FOR THE NURSERY: I recommend doing the majority of the nursery decorating in your second trimester while you have the energy! You can view what I used in my little girl’s nursery HERE!


  • COMFY MATERNITY TEES: I LOVE Target’s maternity clothes! So many soft, affordable, super long, and flattering pieces! Target’s Liz Lange line is my favorite!
  • A GREAT PAIR OF MATERNITY JEANS: My motto is this: Buy that one pair of maternity jeans that you love, that are super soft and also flattering. Because you will wear them all.the.time during part of your second trimester and your third trimester. And you will want to be as comfortable as possible, trust me! These were my go-to pair and actually the only maternity jeans I needed to buy my entire pregnancy! I preferred the lower cut style with the stretch bands on the side but if you need that belly panel, these ones are perfect.
  • FUN BOOKS ABOUT PREGNANCY/PARENTING: I read the classic What to Expect every Sunday/Monday, when I hit a new week, but I really wanted some more in depth reading about things I will use once this baby comes along! Currently on my nightstand? Bringing Up Bébé, which is all about how the French raise their children – which is very different from Americans as I’m learning but yet their children seem extremely well behaved, and Healthy Child Healthy World – I’m OBSESSED! I’ve learned so many things as the title states, about making a cleaner/greener/safer home for the entire family. Another book that I just bought and LOVE is The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother. This is a must-read for how to take care of yourself during the first 6 weeks after birth. While most of the attention will shift to your sweet babe once he/she is born, don’t forget about you, mama! It’s very important to take care of yourself, especially in those critical days after birth.
  • SET UP THAT BABY REGISTRY NOW! You can view a HUGE list of all of my recommendations of everything you and that sweet baby will need HERE. Since the 2nd trimester is typically when you have the most energy, take care of the bulk of your shopping now! You can get some serious baby shower inspiration here, here, here, and here.

Most of all, enjoy every second of the 2nd trimester! You start to show (if you haven’t already) and really give off that glow everyone talks about! 🙂 You’re beautiful, mama! 

You can view all of my pregnancy + baby posts HERE. Also, you may want to check out ideas for What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag! And my Third Trimester Pregnancy Essentials post, here!

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Essentials | girl about columbus


2nd Trimester Pregnancy Essentials | girl about columbus


  • Great tips! I have this post tucked away in my “When I’m Preggo” file : )



  • I haven’t invested in a pillow yet and sleeping is getting VERY tricky!! May have to give this one a try!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, I LOVE it so far. I don’t move at all during the night now! Before I would wake up all twisted and uncomfortable!

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  • Pregnancy pillow is best. I heared about sleeplessness in pregnancy but didn’t experience n i think its just bcoz of pregnancy pillow. But mine was bit different but soo helpfull.

    • I got the boppy body pillow, strictly because it has a little cushion for my belly. Which is incredible!


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