5 Months

girl-about-columbusPregnancy is a beautiful thing. It’s also a wildly terrifying experience. I’ve always had strong faith in the Lord in terms of death. But to say my beliefs about God and birth have been strengthened this year is an understatement. I am always on surface level, staying very much light and positive on this blog, and while that is how I prefer GAC to be, I can’t write this post without saying this year has been the hardest year of my life. I’ve learned more than I ever knew about myself through trying to get pregnant and I know that everyday I spend with my baby is a gift. Pregnancy is a completely selfless, nearly uncontrollable miracle. The journey to reach the 5 months pregnant mark hasn’t been easy but it’s been one that is all mine. Here are some tidbits about how it’s been going so far:girl-about-columbusHow far along: 23 weeks! 4 more months!

Gender: Girl

Decided on a name? Yes! And it’s the only name Nic and I ever discussed if it were to be a girl. We’ve definitely disclosed her name to our close friends and family (and if you’re reading this and we haven’t told you yet… please ask – we will!). But, for now, just know her initials are the same as mine – AMH – and we are in love with her name.

Total weight gain: Around 15 lbs already and embracing it.

Maternity clothes: Honestly, I’ve been seriously avoiding buying maternity clothes until the past two weeks. Of course, my sweet sister-in-law lent me a few pairs of maternity shorts & jeans that have seriously been getting me by. Oh and I’ve been living in sundresses this summer which has been a major plus. Lately though, I have bought a few maternity clothes from Target – like this dress, these t-shirts (like the ones I’m wearing in the photos – they are sooo soft and comfy), and this sweater! You just can’t beat the price point for quality!

girl-about-columbusSleep: I’m a very heavy sleeper as it is and have been sleeping fairly well minus the occasional bathroom trip.

General Health: I’ve been blessed to be very healthy thus far. However, I will say this past weekend I did get a bit sick and I think a cold is now working on me. And, Mom, yes I am bulking up on the orange juice and rest as I write this post! 🙂

Best moment thus far: So many. But finding out that we are expecting a sweet baby girl at our gender reveal party has to top the list!

girl-about-columbusMiss anything? Well, yes but nothing I can’t live without! I miss my occasional glass of wine, especially while out at dinner. I miss being able to stay up way past my husband… those days are over, I’m afraid. I miss kicking my own butt while working out. I know a lot of people can continue to work out but it’s really just kind of scared me to work out the intensity that I would at times. See, I didn’t work out that often… but when I did, I went pretty hard. I’m still walking every day and occasionally lifting light weights. But really, that’s it.

Movement: Baby girl is active mid-morning and late in the evening!

Food cravings: None. No cravings. Well, maybe generally unhealthy food. That has gotten a lot better since my first trimester but it’s still been hard to eat healthy – except for fruit – apples, bananas, berries… still sound amazing.

girl-about-columbusAnything making you queasy or sick: Yessir. I’m still having a terrible time stomaching spinach salad. Well, salad of any kind really. Broccoli, grilled cheese, and chicken have all made me sick within the past couple of weeks.

Have you started to show yet: Of course, but I love those comments I get at work, “Oh my goodness, you’re just now starting to show!” Why, thank you. But I’m sure I have been for at least 6 weeks now… 🙂

Happy or moody most of the time: Moody only when I am sleep deprived. Aka on the weekends… when I’m not able to turn in at 10PM, per the weekly routine. Pretty chill and happy otherwise!

Biggest fear: Premature labor. Listeria.

Looking forward to: Enjoying the last month of my second trimester… aka the “honeymoon trimester.” Decorating the nursery. Pregnancy photos. My baby showers. Meeting my little babe. Watching Nic become a father.








8 responses to “5 Months”

  1. Brooklynn Avatar

    Hi Amanda! I’ve read your blog for almost a year now and this is my first time commenting. I’m 17 weeks pregnant (today!) and, though I’ve been pretty positive throughout most of it, this past week got me down. I was encouraged to read your post and see all the ways you’re enjoying this unique time of life. Thanks for sharing! And congrats!

  2. Joanna "Andy" Forbes Avatar
    Joanna “Andy” Forbes

    You look great and am wishing you the best! Enjoy this time before the reality of kids – all good but busier than you would ever imagine! AMH – “Andy” Margaret after me? I always told people their own name when they asked about the baby’s name….they loved it. Or names like Cher, Fabio, Madonna! Something that could stand on it’s own when they became famous ;)! Gotta keep it light hearted through these months of pregnancy!

  3. AMy Avatar

    I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Pump the Bump, but you should definitely check it out! It’s an awesome blog for moms and mom-to-be! I’m 3 months pregnant myself, sick all day-every day, but I love reading the blog for tips on food and workouts. Plus they have adorable workout shirts for us pregnant ladies who still want to look cute and fabulous.

  4. Candace Avatar

    I absolutely LOVE today’s post! I truly believe that the Lord delights in our moments of geninue transparency and candor. Thanks for sharing my dear!

    P.S. Your bump is beyond adorable. Can’t wait to see ya : )



  5. Julie Avatar

    I’m 22 weeks pregnant and still can’t handle chicken! It must be something about those January babies 😉 love your blog!!

  6. Morgan Avatar

    You look amazing and congratulations on your bundle of joy. I hope you continue to embrace your pregnancy and share when you can. I think sharing your story is an intimate piece of you and I appreciate the insight as someone who wants to be a mommy someday. Anyway, the baby bump is adorable and good luck with the remaining months love.

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