Third Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

Third Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

Congrats, mama! You made it to the last trimester! The trimester where things get very, very real! Such an exciting time but also a time where it’s essential to take care of yourself, in ultimate preparation for labor and those blissful, but sleepless, nights with a newborn! Here are my recommendations for what you need during your third trimester:
BELLY BALM: Your belly really will start to

March Life Lately // girl about columbus

March: Life Lately

MARCH: Nesting has hit me hard! I feel like baby girl is on her way any day and I’ve been busy trying to get as much done before she gets here as I can.

third trimester bumpdate

Third Trimester Bumpdate

Just like I did during my second trimester and when I was pregnant with Ava Mae, I wanted to pop in to give you all a bumpdate on how the third trimester is going! At times, it’s felt like this pregnancy has gone so quickly and other times, it feels like I’ve been pregnant forever!How many weeks? 36 Weeks! I was measuring 2 weeks behind schedule for a few weeks but we recently found