Life Lately: April

To sound completely cheesy… I feel like the warm weather of April has completely restored my health and general well-being. Have I mentioned I LOVE Spring? And I LOVE warm weather? Ah, it just makes me so happy to see all of the blooming trees and flowers! I feel inspired and am going to just keep the GAC-ness coming! I hope you all have had a wonderful month.


So… I Did a Samba Fresh Juice Cleanse

“Juice cleanse? What, you’re crazy!” and “You’re drinking that? And actually liking it?” and “I thought people only did cleanses to lose weight. Why do you think you need to lose weight?”
Ha Ha. Yep. Those were the responses from my co-workers a couple of weeks ago. They had no idea how good those green juices were that I was drinking.


Eats + Drinks

Another Eats + Drinks round-up of some delicious food and drinks around the city of Columbus! There are just sooo many great places:

^ I could rave and rave about Alchemy Juice Bar  + Cafe but honestly you need to experience Alchemy for yourself. You’ll honestly leave wondering how you just ate so healthily because the food is sooo delicious.