weekly wants | girl about columbus

Weekly Wants

This camera – a camera that is smaller than my Canon DSLR but takes amazing photos! Plus, you can upload your photos from this camera straight to social media/the Internet.  Definitely a step above my iPhone 4 and currently on my wish list. Any blogger looking to invest in a camera, you may want to check this baby out!
This Ohio pendant necklace. Because Ohio necklaces are just cute.

Weekly Wants | girl about columbus


This Ohio framed print would look so perfect in my guest bathroom.
This America shirt is so stinkin’ cute I can’t take it. I want one!
These sweet + dainty earrings are a product of a fave local blogger of mine, Lily Schlosser. Love!
This Jeni’s ice cream is my absolute fave + it ’tis the season!
This Ohio pint glass would be in permanent rotation for my Summer Shandy.