goal ideas for the new year

19 Goal Ideas for the New Year

Happy 2019!

I took some time off over the holidays to let my mind rest & to focus on family & friends… and also to get my creativity flowing again! I’m excited for the content I’m going to bring you this year!
Like many of you, I also enjoy fresh starts, novelty, and looking ahead to the future.


My 2018 Goals

I don’t prefer to call them New Year’s resolutions but I definitely like to attempt to make some attainable, personal goals for the upcoming year. Last year, my only true goal was that I really wanted to make it a “year of cozy,” making changes around our home that created a more homey, warm, and inviting space.

Links I’m Loving: Juices + Smoothies

‘Tis the season to detox + eat/drink healthy.
I wanted to share some links I’ve read this week re: juices + smoothies! Enjoy:

1.) A Beautiful Mess’s Juicing 101 post. One of my fave blogs ever shares info about juicers, juice recipes, how to choose the right produce, and how to store juice.
2.) The Chalkboard’s One Doctor’s 8 Reasons to Juice Cleanse.

NYE 2014 in Columbus

New Year’s Eve 2014 is almost here! I LOVE NYE: It’s such a hopeful + happy celebration of the year to come! If going to the biggest/best NYE party is your style, here’s a great lineup in Columbus:::
1.) NYE 2014: The City is Yours Tonight Hosted by Hyatt Regency Columbus: I’ve been to this party + it’s not one to miss. Lots of great entertainment options.