Fruit Infused Water + a Monogrammed Giveaway

Wow! The temps are definitely rising in Ohio! 80’s all week, my dears. I’ve found myself particularly parched lately, needing even more water than usual.

I’ve been playing around with fruit infused water, because frankly, it amps up my water and makes me drink more of it – improving flavor and adding a touch of prettiness as well.

Your Gift-Guide Guide.

If you’re like me, you’ve been scouring the Internet for the best holiday gifts this year. And lately, I’ve seen some pretty amazing + creative + helpful gift guides put together by a plethora of bloggers. So, I decided to share this collection of gift guides with you in hopes that you may come one step closer to completing your shopping this year… Enjoy!

The Ohio Etsy Gift Guide

I am a huge fan of Etsy + I have some of the best Ohio finds for your holiday shopping:

1.) Ohio State Charm | 2.) Block O Charm | 3.) Map Necklace

1.) Blanket | 2.) Onesie | 3.) Bibs

1.) Clutch | 2.) Print | 3.) Pillow

1.) T-Shirt | 2.) Wreath | 3.) Jacket

1.) Made. | 2.) Columbus 614 | 3.) This Girl Loves Ohio State

1.) Greetings from Ohio | 2.) O-H-I-O | 3.