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  • Columbus Wedding: The Pinnacle

    Columbus Wedding: The Pinnacle

    COLLEEN & CHRIS’S COLUMBUS WEDDING The Pinnacle Golf Club Grove City, Ohio You may remember my previous post in September re: Colleen & Chris’s wedding via Instagram pics but now I have the real, beautiful photographs taken by the amazing Mike and Kim Lotz. Talk about major Pinterest material. These photos take me back to…

  • Alicia and Dane’s Columbus Wedding

    Alicia and Dane’s Columbus Wedding

    April 27th. My brother-in-law and now, sister-in-law’s big day in Columbus. An absolutely breathtaking, perfect wedding. The bride chose the best and most useful bridesmaids’ gifts (Vera Bradley bags filled with things we may need on the big day, pictured below) and the cutest bridesmaids’ robes. While the ladies were prepping for the ceremony, the…