Life Lately: April

Such a busy month! Trying to juggle a 3-month-old, going back to work, and my blog… I know I’ve taken a short hiatus with GAC and I apologize 🙂 I promise to bring you posts as often as I can! This month, you all really enjoyed My Weekend in Photos and a new GAC series, 5 Fab Friday Finds – you can find those posts here, here, and here.


Favorite Columbus Eats + Drinks

It’s past time for another post in the “Eats + Drinks” series! I’ve definitely have my fair share favorite Columbus restaurants + I’ve found the following meals + drinks to be essential “must-try’s” when visiting and/or exploring Columbus!
^ A classic cocktail or two at Curio in German Village.


Pistacia Vera’s New Fall Menu is Amazing

I love the German Village establishment, Pistacia Vera. It’s such a special, happy, and warm spot in Columbus! Whether you’re stopping in for a macaron (pronounced mack-uh-ron), pastry, quiche, or coffee (just to name a few of their offerings), you can be guaranteed to taste something delicious.

macarons | girl about columbus

My Weekend Through Photos

Uh-mazing weekend, huh? Full of color, flowers, fashion, and sweet treats, here’s what I did… in as few words as possible:
{spotted colorful ranunculus outside of Kroger}

{outside time in the country reminds me of summer}

{the prettiest spring tulips @ one of my bff’s wedding shower… first couple’s shower ever & it was so fun!}

{delish macarons @ the Rowe Bout