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  • Lunchbox Glowup

    Lunchbox Glowup

    Hi, friends! Sharing this simple but cute lunchbox glowup today! I used letter patches that I found from Five Below (but I’ve found nearly identical patches from Amazon here) and our Target lunchboxes that you can find here and here. You can view more of my back to school content and ideas here!

  • Back to School Kids’ Lunch Boxes 2023

    Back to School Kids’ Lunch Boxes 2023

    Sharing some super cute and colorful back to school kids’ lunch boxes for 2023 today! Do your kids pack or buy? My girls love to pack so a lunch box is super important to us. Ava’s lunchboxes the past couple of years have been absolute workhorses as she typically packs 90% of the school year.…