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GAC’s Top 10 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2018 (+ You Can Find Out What Yours Were!)

I shared a lot more family on Insta this year because it is by far the most important, most precious part of my life right now and it was difficult to hide that! I’m happy to see my most popular posts were essentially my favorite photos that I shared with you as well! If you want to find out what you’re most-liked posts were in 2018, you can check out this app!
^^ BY FAR, the mo

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GAC’s Top 20 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2017

I love discovering which Instagram posts y’all loved + engaged with the most during the year! I usually do a round-up such as this one and start with the most popular but today I’ve decided to start with #20 and then as you scroll down, you’ll see which picture was my #1 most popular post this year, with over 1,250 likes!


Life Lately: May

Hi May, I love you. That is all. 🙂

^ Tried on this pretty plaid button up at the new(ish) Vineyard Vines at Easton Town Center. Y’all should stop in if you haven’t already. A bit of prep in Columbus.

^ Perusing through Clintonville’s Wholly Craft store – so many locally made finds at this gem!

^ The lil’ baby birds grew up in my front tree.


The Prettiest Necklace Ever… Giveaway!

Wanna win the prettiest necklace EVER? Well, thanks to local talent Monica Warren, the jewelry artist behind M Renee Design, you can!

1.) Head over to Instagram. If you don’t have it, sign up – I promise you’ll love it!
2.) Follow Girl About Columbus.
3.) Follow M Renee Design.
4.) Comment on Girl About Columbus’s photo of this necklace.


Eats + Drinks

Another Eats + Drinks round-up of some delicious food and drinks around the city of Columbus! There are just sooo many great places:

^ I could rave and rave about Alchemy Juice Bar  + Cafe but honestly you need to experience Alchemy for yourself. You’ll honestly leave wondering how you just ate so healthily because the food is sooo delicious.