Favorite Columbus Eats + Drinks

It’s past time for another post in the “Eats + Drinks” series! I’ve definitely have my fair share favorite Columbus restaurants¬†+ I’ve found the following meals + drinks to be essential “must-try’s” when visiting and/or exploring Columbus!
^ A classic cocktail or two at Curio in German Village.


My Weekend in Photos

Coming off of the most relaxing, plans-free weekend I’ve had in quite awhile, it’s really hard to get back to work today! The husband + I met up with best¬†friends, explored Central Ohio, and ate some verrry good food. All under blue skies…

Nada was amazing for dinner on Friday night. Their patio is so cute + out of the sun, which is extra nice on a hot day.

How to Fight a Cold

9 Ways to Kick a Cold

So, it happened. This week, I got my first cold. Well, the first one I’ve had in over a year. I mean, everrryone at work was coughing/sneezing/blowing their noses to such extreme measures that my hands were starting to crack from the massive amounts of soap/hot water/hand sanitizer I was using to avoid this nasty little bug. Oh well, I did all I could.

Links I’m Loving: Juices + Smoothies

‘Tis the season to detox + eat/drink healthy.
I wanted to share some links I’ve read this week re: juices + smoothies! Enjoy:

1.) A Beautiful Mess’s Juicing 101 post. One of my fave blogs ever shares info about juicers, juice recipes, how to choose the right produce, and how to store juice.
2.) The Chalkboard’s One Doctor’s 8 Reasons to Juice Cleanse.