Anna Maria / Bradenton: Where We Stayed, What We Did, & Where We Ate!

A few weeks ago, my family & I had the opportunity to travel to sunny Anna Maria Island / Bradenton in Florida for a long weekend! Allegiant Air reached out to us to try their inaugural non-stop flight from Columbus (Rickenbacker) to Bradenton/Sarasota and we quickly accepted!

I mean, any chance to see the sun, palm trees, and the beach after a long Ohio winter is a must in our book!

10 Things to Do on Anna Maria Island

10 Things to Do on Anna Maria Island

Welcome to beautiful Anna Maria Island, Florida!
(2019 Update: We visited Anna Maria/Bradenton in April 2019 & had a wonderful trip, once again! I wrote all about it in this post, here. If you’re not able to go for a long trip, I have some ideas for things we did in this post! Enjoy 🙂


My Weekend in Photos: Orlando

This weekend was spent in Orlando, Florida and was a bit of blur because it was so busy – I logged some serious miles – not only in the air but also by foot. I really wish I would’ve been wearing a pedometer. I was wearing flats and my feet still are killing me! Crazy. Anyways… I digress.