A Hike with a View

In honor of today being National Take a Hike Day, I thought I’d share one of Nic and I’s favorite hikes we took this Fall! If you’ve never been to Rising Park in Lancaster, Ohio, it’s worth the short drive from Central Ohio on 33 East. The park has a pond, picnic tables, playgrounds, shelter houses, tennis courts, etc.


Scarlet and Gray: 8 Ponchos Under $70

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I’m really into layering with soft and cozy pieces these days and ponchos have been seriously fitting the bill. I’m refusing to wear a coat until it gets very cold (hmm, which I guess could happen in a couple tomorrow, right?) and have been reaching for warm sweaters instead.


I ♥ Fall Tag

I was recently tagged by Tamara, the designer behind Baydian scarves, to participate in the I ♥ Fall Tag and naturally, being the Fall lover that I am, have to participate! Kind of a fun post for a Tuesday, don’t ‘cha think? 🙂 Here are my answers to these lovely ???’s:
1.) Favorite fall lip product?
I really, really am addicted to lip balm.