Healthy Oats + Cinnamon

So last January, I shared my recipe for Healthy Oats + Berries with you all. While I still make that recipe occasionally, what I really am digging right now is steel-cut oats with cinnamon. Here’s why…

See, I’ve been on a Cheerios with a banana kick for quite some time. I love it.

Banana Pancakes - Easy + Healthy! | girl about columbus

The Healthiest Pancakes, Ever

I cannot stop eating these pancakes – they are the healthiest + easiest pancakes, everrr.
Seriously, forget the flour/sugar/butter – style ‘cakes.

These things are sooo much better for you.

Healthy Links I’m Loving…

Since the blogosphere has been heavily saturated with posts re: healthy living/eating/exercising this week, I had to share some of my faves today:
1.) Gimme Some Oven’s Brain Power Blueberry + Avocado Smoothie recipe. I LOVE a healthy smoothie. Such an easy way to get your fruits + veggies.
2.) Fit Sugar’s 25 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight.

Healthy Oats + Berries

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions but I do like making small mental notes on improvements that would make for my life easier, healthier, and/or more fun! This year, I’m going to try + expand my repertoire of healthy + easy breakfasts.

Garden of Flavor Juice Cleanse

I’m a big fan of juicing. I think it’s a fantastic way to easily add nutrients + vitamins into your diet. I typically drink juice to start my day, supplement a meal, or even as a snack. However, I had never, ever tried a juice cleanse until a couple of weeks ago, when the new Ohio-based company Garden of Flavor contacted me to try their juices.