Fruit Infused Water + a Monogrammed Giveaway

Wow! The temps are definitely rising in Ohio! 80’s all week, my dears. I’ve found myself particularly parched lately, needing even more water than usual.

I’ve been playing around with fruit infused water, because frankly, it amps up my water and makes me drink more of it – improving flavor and adding a touch of prettiness as well.

Banana Pancakes - Easy + Healthy! | girl about columbus

The Healthiest Pancakes, Ever

I cannot stop eating these pancakes – they are the healthiest + easiest pancakes, everrr.
Seriously, forget the flour/sugar/butter – style ‘cakes.

These things are sooo much better for you.


Green Bean Delivery

I was ecstatic to accept an invite to review Green BEAN Delivery because I had been thinking about signing up for this service for awhile! While I’m not always the absolute, healthiest eater (I have a serious sweet tooth that I blame genetics on), I have learned a ton about healthy eating within the past few years and have adapted a lot of my old ways…

I’ve learned that I am a

Links I’m Loving: Juices + Smoothies

‘Tis the season to detox + eat/drink healthy.
I wanted to share some links I’ve read this week re: juices + smoothies! Enjoy:

1.) A Beautiful Mess’s Juicing 101 post. One of my fave blogs ever shares info about juicers, juice recipes, how to choose the right produce, and how to store juice.
2.) The Chalkboard’s One Doctor’s 8 Reasons to Juice Cleanse.