Green Bean Delivery

I was ecstatic to accept an invite to review Green BEAN Delivery because I had been thinking about signing up for this service for awhile! While I’m not always the absolute, healthiest eater (I have a serious sweet tooth that I blame genetics on), I have learned a ton about healthy eating within the past few years and have adapted a lot of my old ways…

I’ve learned that I am a

Lately, I’ve Been…

1.) Eating… Bags of local apples from Whole Foods.
2.) Drinking… Suja Elements, also found @ Whole Foods. Uhb-sessed.
3.) Enjoying… These beauties that I picked before the first frost from Blossoms at the Bend.
4.) Reading… Swig, a useful + informative Columbus imbibing mag. p.s. You should check out their Holiday Cocktail Competition, this Tuesday.

9 Things I Accomplished in October

As some of you may remember, on the first day of October, I published my Top 10: October to-do list. My list kept me focused: On enjoying the small, delightful, and seasonal parts of life. It’s true that you only have some opportunities once a year and I believe everyone could benefit from a fun to-do list.