Links I’m Loving: Juices + Smoothies

‘Tis the season to detox + eat/drink healthy.
I wanted to share some links I’ve read this week re: juices + smoothies! Enjoy:

1.) A Beautiful Mess’s Juicing 101 post. One of my fave blogs ever shares info about juicers, juice recipes, how to choose the right produce, and how to store juice.
2.) The Chalkboard’s One Doctor’s 8 Reasons to Juice Cleanse.

Links I’m Loving: Baking

Happy Saturday before Christmas!!! I’m sure many of may be in a baking mood (I am) with this rainy weather we are having this weekend in Ohio (can’t complain since it’s like 60 deg), so I thought I’d share some of my favorite baking blog posts from this week with you today! Just click on the picture + it will link you to the recipe 🙂 Enjoy!

{Painted Christmas Tree Cook

Columbus Instagramer of the Week

I don’t exactly remember how I found @mrslairdypants on Instagram, but I remember being an instant fan + follower. Her love for color + fashion + photography + J.Crew + speech therapy + Bean Boots was enough for me! Naturally, she is my choice for this week’s Columbus Instagramer:

Occupation: SpeechLanguage Pathologist + Personal Stylist at J.Crew [Easton location].