most-used amazon purchases of 2018

10 Most-Used Amazon Purchases of 2018

Amazon Prime is obviously a mom’s BFF & this year it saved my life on many occasions! Everything I bought from Amazon this year proved to be either helpful, fun, or useful BUT this is THE list of the things I bought that we used either everyday or at least every week.


GAC’s Most Popular Blog Posts of 2018

I CANNOT BELIEVE 2018 is coming to a close. I’m not sure where it went, to be completely honest! I know sleep deprivation and a 2 year old + a baby can make your mind do crazy things…. but truly – fastest year of my life! Wow.

most popular instagram posts of 2018

GAC’s Top 10 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2018 (+ You Can Find Out What Yours Were!)

I shared a lot more family on Insta this year because it is by far the most important, most precious part of my life right now and it was difficult to hide that! I’m happy to see my most popular posts were essentially my favorite photos that I shared with you as well! If you want to find out what you’re most-liked posts were in 2018, you can check out this app!
^^ BY FAR, the mo