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Coronavirus: Flatten the Curve. It’s Not About You.

I tend to keep things light on my blog but amidst the national Coronavirus emergency, I have a few things to share today. If you have a comment, I kindly ask that it not be political. Because today’s post is about health and humanity. And survival.

After scrolling Facebook this weekend, I can only hope that many of you had your last day/night out for awhile.

11 Corona Staycation Toys that Will Keep Your Littles Busy PLUS, a Daily Schedule for Your Sanity!

No matter your feelings on Coronavirus, I think we all can agree that with the littles home over these next few weeks, we all are in need of some ideas/activities/toys for them! Here’s a list of my latest product finds:

Toy Sink – This sink has real running water! How fun! I imagine the girls playing with this outside all spring & summer long!

Unicorn Coloring Book &#821

Valentine’s Day Mailbox Craft Idea!

Valentine’s Day definitely allows for a great excuse to make some sweet crafts!

I picked up these mailboxes from Walmart that come in a few different colors (available in-store only) as well as foam letter + felt heart + glitter heart stickers (all currently 40%) from Hobby Lobby + went to town! I added yarn and ribbon to finish the mailbox!

I made each of us a personalized mailbo

The Sweetest Valentines Day Decor, Clothing, & Accessories

How FUN are the colors for Valentine’s Day?! Gosh – they make shopping for and decorating for this festive holiday even better! I’ve been seeing a TON of cute Valentine’s Day decor, clothing, and accessories options so I thought I’d put together a post rounding up some of my faves!

I love the Valentines ideas! So many cute, printable options that won&#8217

How to Paint Your Staircase

Hey, guy! I wanted to share a post on how we painted our staircase in our old home because I had some questions about it!

This project was time consuming but pretty straightforward! Definitely SO doable for any home owner!

Here’s what we did:

First, we ripped up the carpet that was on the stairs.

Next, we used wood filler to fill the minor holes on the wood.