most popular instagram posts of 2018

GAC’s Top 10 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2018 (+ You Can Find Out What Yours Were!)

I shared a lot more family on Insta this year because it is by far the most important, most precious part of my life right now and it was difficult to hide that! I’m happy to see my most popular posts were essentially my favorite photos that I shared with you as well! If you want to find out what you’re most-liked posts were in 2018, you can check out this app!
^^ BY FAR, the mo

Where to Shop for Cute Christmas PJs

– Arden & Gold – These are the ones my girls will be wearing this year (pictured, above). I love that their classic, they’re Christmas-y, but that they also can be worn past Christmas, too!
-J. Crew – Oh my goodness, does J. Crew have the SWEETEST Christmas pjs right now! You can shop the girls here and the boys here.

Our Favorite Books for Babies & Toddlers

I’ve been meaning to write this post about our favorite books for babies and toddlers for awhile. We have A LOT of books in our house but we keep going back to these favorites!
Being a Speech-Language Pathologist, I personally tend to love books rich in vocabulary and I don’t just go for the pretty covers.

November Style: What We Wore + What’s on My Wishlist for December

Filled with family, food, and friends… this month was a blast! We hosted our 5th Annual Friendsgiving, traveled to Marietta & the Chillicothe area to see family for Thanksgiving, set up holiday decorations, and started shopping for Christmas! We are blessed and grateful that we have so many friends and family that we get to spend time with during the holidays.