5 Things

+ We went to the Columbus Zoo this past Monday! It was wonderful! Mostly everything was open, the park was a little less crowded, and we had a wonderful time! We had to purchase our tickets online and also sign up for a time to enter the park (we went with 9:30AM and we found it ideal). Definitely recommend this summer! Here are some more ideas of what to do with kids in Columbus.

50+ Children’s Books with Diverse Characters

I’ve taken inventory of our children’s books these past couple of weeks and become more cognizant about which of our books reflect diversity.

I’ll be honest – while we do own a few books (~10 or so) that feature diverse characters, our library could most definitely be improved upon.

5 Things

I can’t believe it’s FRIDAY, already!

It’s been foreverrr since I’ve done one of these posts! The last couple of weeks have been heavy but here are some things that have helped!

+ The girls + I went strawberry picking this week… a tradition we try to do every summer! We go to Hann Farms, just south of Columbus.