Sunday’s are for Baking…

Sunday’s are for baking… homemade APPLE BUTTER!
I love, love, love my weekends. Especially Sundays. Sundays are for family, friends, and food. Last Sunday, I made my first batch of homemade apple butter and had to share!
I found the recipe on an awesome cooking blog, Katie’s Cucina.

Links I’m Loving…

1.) New: Columbus Underground gives the scoop about Lucky’s Market in Clintonville.
2.) Neat: Be Up and Doing’s Ali Lehman shares how to simplify your wardrobe.
3.) Sweet: Local breakfast-blogger-guru Breakfast with Nick gives the 411 on The Little Donut Shop.

4.) Useful: Huffington Post’s list of 11 homemade cures for your fall beauty problems.

October 25 – 27

I can’t believe it… the last weekend in October! Where did the time go? I hope you have a wonderful, Halloween-tastic weekend. If you’re looking for something really, really fun to do:
1.) Celebrate Halloween Columbus-style at the 6th Annual HighBall, Friday, October 25 and Saturday, October 26 (

Columbus Wedding: The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle Golf Club
Grove City, Ohio
You may remember my previous post in September re: Colleen & Chris’s wedding via Instagram pics but now I have the real, beautiful photographs taken by the amazing Mike and Kim Lotz. Talk about major Pinterest material.

Uber Columbus

Helloooo, Columbus! Our city is now part of the worldwide Uber craze! Think, luxury cars on-demand: Lincolns. Cadillacs. Mercedes. Fancier than your average taxi. Special events, hello!
Here’s how it works:

Download the Uber app onto your smart phone.
Sign up for an account.
Put in your credit card info.
Request your ride.