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Third Trimester + Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration

I am so happy to say that we’re officially in the last trimester! Second trimester absolutely flew by, as I knew it would. It truly was a “honeymoon” phase (minus some minor foot pain that was alleviated by some new insoles!) and some days I didn’t even feeling pregnant except for that lil’ extra belly I was toting around.

My Baby Shower

I had the sweetest baby shower yesterday hosted by my Aunt and Mother-in-Law at Hidden Lake Clubhouse in Columbus! I loved, loved, loved the setting, decor, family, and friends that made this day so special! Thank you!!! My little girl is one loved little baby! 🙂

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Essentials | girl about columbus

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

I can’t believe I have just a week or two left in my second trimester! Dubbed the “honeymoon trimester,” it really has been that and more for me and after a bumpy first trimester, getting my energy back and nixing my nausea felt great.