What to Put on Your Baby Registry Guide

What to Put on Your Baby Registry

Looking for ideas of what to put on your baby registry? I was too this time last year. I honestly had trouble finding a great + comprehensive list of everything I would need for those first few months. I hope this list is of some help to you:

DIAPERS, obviously! Ava wears these ones during the day and these ones or these ones at night.

7 Month Baby Favorites

7 Month Baby Favorites

I’m really not sure where this last month went – it feels like just yesterday that Ava turned 6 months and now here we are with a 7-month-old! One of my good friends told me right after she was born that the second 6 months absolutely fly by and so far she’s been absolutely right!
Ava has started doing sooo many more things since last month – she started crawling, she&#8217

6 Month Baby Favorites // girl about columbus

6 Month Baby Favorites!!!

My sweet Ava is over 6 months old already and I wanted to check in with you all to give you a bit of an update about what she’s been loving lately! Just this past week, she can sit up for a decent amount of time, she’s starting to “rock” to get ready to crawl, and I feel like she plays 10 times harder than before!
Ava is an excellent night sleeper, typically fights daytime

Ames Olivia Baby

As soon as I discovered Ames Olivia on Etsy, I HAD to have a few of their adorable bows and headwraps for Ava! After living in South Carolina for a couple of years for grad school, I couldn’t help but take away a bit of southern style back to Ohio with me when I left.

My Weekend in Photos

How was your weekend?! Mine was spent with family and friends and sunshine in between the rain 🙂

^ Started my weekend by enjoying the fresh sunshine and blue skies working on my tan on my lunch break. 🙂 Stopped by Dill’s Greenhouse to pick up a basil plant for my mom. Those rose bushes were hard to walk past and not buy one.