Life Lately: September

SEPTEMBER: Birthday… anniversary… family time… friends reunited… a trip to to the pumpkin patch… yeah, I guess it was a good month 😉
^ Blackberries at the local stand.

4 Years

Happy Anniversary to truly the most handsome, hard-working, selfless, thoughtful man I know! I’m so proud to call you mine and that I am yours! Cheers to 4 years!

Photos by Little Roo Studios.

Life Lately: August

AUGUST: I started a new job. A job that I’m currently LOVING. I’ve asked myself multiple times why I waited so long to make the switch from a Speech-Language Pathologist working with adults in a skilled nursing facility to working with children in a public school.

Life Lately: July

JULY: Patriotism, heat, sunshine, sweet treats, pool days, love. Where do all of the summer days go? I’m always looking ahead know that August will bring many changes, both professionally and personally. I hope you’re summer has been a great one!
^^ My 4th of July outfit… minus (I’m not going to lie!) the shorts.