My Morning Routine + a Coffee Giveaway!

I want to check in with you all to share a little bit about how life is going! One thing’s for sure: Living with a nearly 7 month-old and a 2.5 year old is never dull! While Ellie is starting to sleep longer stretches during the night, she still does not sleep completely through! At this point, I am pretty sure my body is used to it.

fall bucket list

13 Family Traditions to Start this Fall

This time of year is all about pumpkins, apples, and leaves, in my opinion! There are plenty of fall family traditions you can start now that will have you smiling for years to come:

Pick pumpkins at the patch

– THE Quintessential fall activity! It’s tempting to just pick up a few pumpkins at the grocery store but I can assure you that the effort you make to get out to the pumpkin