50+ Children’s Books with Diverse Characters

I’ve taken inventory of our children’s books these past couple of weeks and become more cognizant about which of our books reflect diversity.

I’ll be honest – while we do own a few books (~10 or so) that feature diverse characters, our library could most definitely be improved upon.

5 Things

I can’t believe it’s FRIDAY, already!

It’s been foreverrr since I’ve done one of these posts! The last couple of weeks have been heavy but here are some things that have helped!

+ The girls + I went strawberry picking this week… a tradition we try to do every summer! We go to Hann Farms, just south of Columbus.

Amazon Finds: How to Throw a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party for $100

We just celebrated Ellie’s 2nd birthday a couple of weeks ago and wow- never did I ever think we would celebrate via social distancing, but we did AND we had FUN!

Regardless of our minimal guest list, I still wanted to make the day special and festive! Soooo, enter Amazon, of course!

Balloon arch // Tissue Paper Circles // Confetti Balloons // Oh Two-dles Balloon Banner // Ha

11 Fun Easter Traditions to Make Memories

Looking for some Easter traditions to help make Easter extra special?

I’ve rounded up some ideas for you in this post! Feel free to leave a comment with some of your own traditions 🙂

1) Set an Easter brunch table for the kids! You could even print off free Easter coloring pages for them OR put paper on the table to let the kids color the table! Make bunny pancakes for them

Easter Basket Filler Ideas

Hello, April!

We made it. The last few weeks have been quite long but goodness, Easter is definitely something to look forward to, especially if you have kiddos! 🙂

I know a lot of you are likely not spending much these days.