4th of July Food Idea // girl about columbus

5 Things

+ We visited family in Marietta last weekend + Nic & I are currently planning our one + only trip of the summer – for an overnight stay there to go back and explore more of this beautiful, historic Ohio river town. I can’t wait to share more with you!

+ Just received this monogrammed leather camera strap (that comes in several pretty colors) for my camera.

June Amazon Home Finds

Who doesn’t love finding inexpensive new items for their home on Amazon? 🙂

Here are some items that I’ve either purchased recently or are on my wishlist!

Cutting Board – We received this as a gift this Christmas and the quality is outstanding! Similar to a Boos board for sure!

Tissue Box Cover – Sometimes those crazy tissue box patterns just don’t g

My Dream Guest Bathroom Design, Inspiration + Sources

Last week, I shared our plans for our basement guest bathroom. Today, I wanted to go ahead and share our main guest bathroom’s inspiration + design board! I could not be more thrilled with how this look turned out and hope we can come close to recreating this soon!

We are keeping the floors and countertop. We’ll also definitely be keeping the vanity but painting it.

5 Things

+ Just discovered Nic and I’s favorite seasoning is on Amazon! We throw this on everrrrything – veggies, meats, eggs, you name it! It makes everything taste better.