Central Park

Travel: Central Park | New York City

Snow is coming down outside and I’ve been looking through old photos from the summer – I realized I never shared my pics from Central Park in NYC this past August and while it’s a bit of random timing, I still must share. We spent the day exploring the park with friends that live in NYC (love you Colleen!) and their adorable puppy, Matilda, pictured below.


Grand Central Terminal + Times Square | New York City

It’s time to share more NYC pictures! I thought I would combine Grand Central Terminal + Times Square since we visited these two places on the same day, one right after the other.
From downtown, Nic and I took the Subway to Grand Central, which at 5PM on a Friday is bustling to say the least!
Grand Central Terminal was built in 1903.


The Brooklyn Bridge | New York City

The famous Brooklyn Bridge was a must-see for me while in New York last weekend!

Whenever I have seen this bridge on TV and in pictures, I had never imagined the amount of people that were actually in route on this historic bridge that connects Manhattan and Brooklyn over the East River.


One World Trade Center | New York City

Nic + I just got back from the best weekend trip to New York City to visit friends, celebrate birthdays, and explore the city! I, naturally, took a ton of pictures and have so much I want to share on GAC. I thought about doing one round-up post about what we did + where we went. But, then I decided just as NYC is one large city, that would’ve been too large of a post.