Boo Basket Ideas from Amazon

Today’s post is all about boo basket ideas from Amazon! It’s that time of year again, where I’m thinking about the girls’ Boo Baskets! I gift these every year on October 1st to 1.) celebrate the true start of the holiday season 2.) get into spooky szn mode 3.) and because they absolutely love them so much!

I save past year’s items in a tote and when I pull things out, it’s like they’re new again! I have a few goodies already for them that I plan to regift (this saves so much $$$ year to year), I’ve picked up some trinkets from Target’s Dollar Spot, and I always love supporting small businesses.

I plan these out weeks in advance to show you guys some inspiration – but let’s be real – Amazon saves the day on many occasions and so this year’s inspo list is from there! Everything you could ever need for your Boo Baskets are linked, below! 🙂

You can view last year’s Boo Baskets here and 2020’s here!





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