5 Things

I can’t believe it’s FRIDAY, already!

It’s been foreverrr since I’ve done one of these posts! The last couple of weeks have been heavy but here are some things that have helped!

+ The girls + I went strawberry picking this week… a tradition we try to do every summer! We go to Hann Farms, just south of Columbus. Tip: Call them in the morning to be sure they will have plenty of berries that day as it varies.

+ This sunscreen is my new FAVE! It smells like summer in a bottle, is not sticky, and is SO easy to apply every morning! I highly recommend + use the SPF 50 bottle. It feels like a little luxury.

+ I’ve been starting my mornings by going out on our back deck to grab a few mint leaves to put in my water. I’ve done something like this before but was completely inspired by The Skinny Confidential podcast episode where she talks about how she doesn’t look at her phone (or any screen) for at least an hour after she’s awake. She talks about how that immediately raises our cortisol, whether we know it or not. Lauryn also talks about how movement, light, and hydration are crucial when waking up. I’ve been appreciating these morning moments, enjoying fresh air, drinking a HUGE glass of mint water, listening to the birds chirp, and watching the sun come up. It’s highly therapeutic and helps to set the tone for the entire day.

+ I’ve started working out again! I’ve hesitated to say this because I didn’t want to say that and then stop a week later. I’m all in! I haven’t worked out for 5 solid years and that’s disheartening to say the least. I’m doing it mainly to gain strength, endurance, and also for all of the mental health benefits it gives!!! I’m super into free workout on YouTube right now. For the past few weeks, I’ve been starting with this kickboxing workout and then finishing with a yoga flow routine, typically power yoga by Sarah Beth. Just a few weeks in, I already feel stronger. While it’s been very difficult to get started, I already find myself looking forward to that time.

+ These are the sweetest little nightlights! I ordered one for our bathroom and am quite obsessed with the ambiance and design.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

xo, Amanda







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