Easter Basket Filler Ideas

Hello, April!

We made it. The last few weeks have been quite long but goodness, Easter is definitely something to look forward to, especially if you have kiddos! šŸ™‚

I know a lot of you are likely not spending much these days. I’m in the same boat and will be giving a lot of things to my girls that I had already bought them, including their summer swimsuits, sidewalk chalk, summer shoes, bubbles, hair bows, and watercolor paints. These are pretty much my go-tos every Easter, because these items are a) FUN AND b) something I would be giving them anyways with the start of warm weather! šŸ™‚

For those of you that would like to buy new to fill the kids’ Easter baskets, then I’ve put together my list of ideas for you!

Note: Your kids will likely not remember WHAT you got them on Easter…. but they will remember the FEELING they had. So no matter your budget, if you make it FEEL special for them, it will be. I’m a firm believer in this concept, even during better times!

Lil’ Paint Pods Watercolors – 36 vibrant colors! The best!

Infant/Toddler Socks – Why do no infant/toddler socks have grips? They are A MUST in our house and these ones have them… and come in the most adorable colors!

My First Big Books of Unicorns – We love the “My First Big Book” coloring book series and this one would be one that would entertain my girls for hours!

Kids’ Umbrella – What kid doesn’t love an umbrella? The one is sweet and comes in 5 colors.

Stars of the Sea Crayons – These crayons are precious! They are star-shaped!

Hair Bows – This $13.99 set is perfect and comes with so many colors!!! Also, they have tons of different color combos!

Tie Dye Rashguard Swimsuit – I bought this for Ava! I definitely prefer the long sleeve swimsuits to keep the sun off of my girls as much as possible and the colors of this one are so pretty!

Pink Slip-On Sneakers – I also bought these for Ava bc we have the same exact pair from last summer (2 sizes smaller) and she wore them every day! They’re a great dupe for the Natives and IMO, just as good!!!

Sunshine Kite – A $6 kite? Perfect. For something that won’t be used a lot… this price is perfect and I love the sun. It comes in a rainbow, watermelon, and a shark version, too.

Unicorn Bubble Blaster – I bought this for the girls bc… Unicorns + Bubbles = LOVE.

Cabana Striped Beach Towel – I eyed this all last summer you guys… it’s smaller, which is ideal for kids, and it’s only $6! Comes in a blue and a grey version, too.

Easter Eggs – Put cute miniatures in here! Or candy šŸ™‚ Love the colors of these ones!

You can find our exact Easter baskets HERE.

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