5 Tips to Host a Festive + Simple Easter Brunch at Home

Easter 2020 is looking to be a memorable one, to say the least!

As it’s looking like we will likely be celebrating at home this year, due to the COVID-19 quarantine, I’ve been thinking about ways to make Easter as special as possible… and that starts with a festive Easter brunch!

Here are my tips for a festive, but simple Easter brunch at home:

1.) Bring out the best of what you already have! If you’re naturally avoiding the stores right now, it’s important to be resourceful in how we set the table for brunch! Dust off your china (what else are you using it for, anyways?!), colorful plates, and unique glassware! Use what you already have – it will make it that much more special, with a memorable story behind the pieces!

2.) Make your own tablecloth! Wrapping paper, a blanket you have… get creative! I used craft paper and made a plaid design with acrylic paints I had. You could draw on it, as well! Easter eggs, flowers, butterflies… the possibilites are endless and it will really amp up the festive factor!

  • 3.) Use Easter + spring decor to decorate your table! Simple centerpiece ideas include putting eggs in a basket, clipping daffodils or tulips from your yard, or placing your dessert in the middle of the table as the showpiece!
  • 4.) Pick up your food! Don’t stress about making food this year – if you’re like me, you’re not typically in charge of an ENTIRE Easter meal. I usually just bring one side to share with the family, so the thought of cooking everything brings my anxiety up a bit! 🙂 With that said, I recommend picking your food up from a one-stop shop, like The Honey Baked Ham Company! My mom has picked up their ham for YEARS at our family events and we LOVE IT. It’s ah-mazing, if you’ve never tried it! This year, our entire Easter brunch will be from HoneyBaked, including turkey as well as their heat-and-serve sides like Loaded Smashed Potatoes, Tuscan-Style Broccoli, Double Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese, Green Bean Casserole, Maple Sweet Potato Souffle, and Baked Cinnamon Apples! HoneyBaked also has the best desserts – Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake and their Southern Pecan Pie are our favorites! Click HERE to receive $5 off of your bone-in half ham through April 12, 2020!
  • 5.) Last but definitely not least, make your own Easter Sunday playlist, filled with songs that are upbeat + positive!

There you go! I hope these simple but fun tips will help your Easter brunch to be as festive as possible this year! Stay safe!


  • Amanda, you are amazing!


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