A Pretty Brushstrokes Easter Egg Decorating Idea

Hi, friends!

As the hustle & bustle of our lives has slowed down quite a bit due to the #quarantine, I’m getting into crafting mode over here!

I find crafting is therapeutic on so many levels! Turn off that screen and make something! I promise you’ll feel WAY better about life when you do.

Easter is approaching, regardless of the pandemic situation, and it’s most definitely a holiday that deserves to be celebrated!

So, I have a few Easter crafts on the way for you, that are super easy to do, because while I enjoy crafting, I’m not the best crafter, if you get my drift 🙂

I picked up crafting eggs at Walmart, in the seasonal section, for about $1 per dozen. You can paint or dye these eggs! While I’ve looked and unfortunately, they are not available online, I will be buying these every year! They were so easy to use for this craft – way easier than boiling eggs and way prettier IMO than plastic eggs.

I then picked 4 colors, which I bought at both Hobby Lobby and Walmart (I’ll link them below)! I grabbed my paint palette and a medium-sized paintbrush, and went to town!

This was so simple and I’m sure kids could do it, easily, too! I made quick brushstrokes all over the eggs with two different colors.

Because I thought the eggs needed a little “punch”, if you will, I decided last minute to add glitter while the second paint was drying.

That’s it! SO simple and FUN!

Supplies needed:

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