Our St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at Home

In the middle of all of the craziness & change of schedule, we decided to make the most of it to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the only way we know how: With treats & a parade!

We made vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing after dinner! We used the marshmallows from Lucky Charms as well as gold sprinkles to decorate them! Ava says we will keep celebrating St. Patrick’s Day as long as we still have cupcakes in the house 🙂

We also gathered up all of the green items in our house as well as some spectators for our parade and once Ellie woke up from nap, we decorated their play cars with shamrocks, turned on some music, and had a pretend parade. It was fun and something we may need to do again next year!

Where’d I get those cute little flags? They’re a printable from Wooden That Be Somethin, a cute Etsy shop with the most adorable items! I just printed them, glued them together and to a straw, and added ribbons to fancy them up a bit!

Finally in other news, Nordstrom is really turning it up and offering 25% OFF SITEWIDE SALE! What?!! I’ve never known them to do this! I realize many of you may not be a season of spending but I also know summer is coming and many of you may have already planned to purchase something from there! If so, now’s your time!!!

I’m going to try to keep things light + positive for you on here over these next few weeks! Stay safe & healthy!!!

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