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Coronavirus: Flatten the Curve. It’s Not About You.

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I tend to keep things light on my blog but amidst the national Coronavirus emergency, I have a few things to share today. If you have a comment, I kindly ask that it not be political. Because today’s post is about health and humanity. And survival.

After scrolling Facebook this weekend, I can only hope that many of you had your last day/night out for awhile.

Being a highly social creature myself, I like, many of you am scared of what it’s coming next as well as extremely anxious about being in my home for X amount of days while all of this gets sorted out. But, it’s not about me.

And, here’s the thing. We ALL will still be in this same boat, weeks from now, if people continue to go about their normal lives, completely disregarding COVID-19.

Coronavirus is real. And it’s here. And you need to accept that.

To quote Dr. Amy Acton, Director of Health, Ohio Dept. of Health, “This is the real thing. This is the once in a lifetime pandemic and everything each one of us does matters.”

What YOU do matters. It matters to your family. It matters to your neighbors. It matters to your community. It matters to your country.

Because what if a loved one contracted it next week? Because you selfishly went out & got it from a friend and then passed it on to your father, who then passed it on to his father?! Hmmm. A totally plausible situation.

There’s a reason that every school, large gathering, restaurant, and bar are closed in Ohio. A reason that WILL save lives.

Here’s my message to you: IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. Put others first.

Stay home.

Do your civil duty. Stay home.

Only go out for groceries. And even then, maybe consider pick-up or delivery. Stay home.

Cancel your trip. Stay home.

Cancel that shower, birthday party, or even as I saw many of my friends did this weekend, cancel your wedding.

WOW. Right?! What a completely selfless and admirable act to cancel your wedding! To put your love on hold while others can continue to love.

Consider this to be time given back. Time back for crafting. Time back for cleaning. Time back for organizing. Time back for rest. Time back to enjoy nature. Time back to call family members and check on them. Time back for gardening. Time back for self-care. Time back with your family. Time back to enjoy the basics of what makes life so sweet.

Not everything is cancelled. You’ll be okay.

Laughter is not cancelled. Music is not cancelled. Reading is not cancelled. Food is not cancelled. Communication is not cancelled. Hugs & kisses are not cancelled.

If you’re not okay, reach out to someone. Let them know you need help. Mentally, monetarily, physically. Because people are good and connections are the building blocks of life.

And to address the selfless healthcare workers, thank you for being brave even if you really don’t want to be. And for saving lives. Thank you.

And to everyone else who doesn’t have to work, stay home. Let’s make history for being responsible, proactive adults.

We will remember Coronavirus for the rest of our lives. Let’s let someone else do the same, too.


  • What a terrific post and responsible attitude!


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