How to Paint Your Staircase

Hey, guy! I wanted to share a post on how we painted our staircase in our old home because I had some questions about it!

This project was time consuming but pretty straightforward! Definitely SO doable for any home owner!

Here’s what we did:

First, we ripped up the carpet that was on the stairs.

Next, we used wood filler to fill the minor holes on the wood.

Then, we lightly sanded the staircase. This is what took awhile, considering all of our spindles! Another option would be to use a deglosser and/or KILZ it and go from there.

After sanding it, we cleaned it well with a damp rag.

The fun part came next: the PAINT!

We advise rounding up your friends to help – that’s what we did and it was amazingly helpful!

Walls: Benjamin Moore Moonshine

Trim/Baseboards/Staircase: Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White

Staircase Banisters: Benjamin Moore Jet Black

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