How to Make Your Outdoor Space Cozy this Fall

Thank you to Meijer, a Midwestern company that I love, for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own.

Today, I want to share some inexpensive + cozy home decor items with you all in case you’re like me, and trying to extend your days of living outside as much as you can this time of year!

In Ohio, the temps have taken a turn for the cooler side + while I normally would just winterize my outdoor spaces and call it a year, I have one room in our new home that I just can’t bring myself to do that just yet: Our screened-in porch! This may be the happiest, coziest room of the house and it’s definitely one of my favorites!

If you guys could see the gorgeous golden leaves and feel the light that soaks through the screens into this room mid-afternoon to early evening, you would know I want to extend its life into November as much as I can! The room is truly GLOWING during Golden Hour! Which is why I MUST extend its life as far as I can this year! πŸ™‚

A note about the decor: I know I normally gravitate towards brighter, lighter colors for home decor and paint… and while I’m still open to a light + bright screened-in porch, I LOVE how warm + cozy it feels with the dark brown!

I love sitting out here with Nic + the girls. It’s so nice to come out here after dinner, when we are all feeling a bit worn down and the girls are starting to get into some mischief in the house πŸ™‚ We treat this room as if it’s a living room!

I recently popped into Meijer to see what I could find to cozy up this space because I haven’t done much to it, yet! As I mentioned in my last home decor post, Meijer truly has some solid beautiful AND inexpensive home decor items right now! I went for a darker, and thus, cozier, theme for this space. I think you guys might also love some of these items for your own space! Let’s get to it:

1.) Pillows

Gosh this red really spoke to me when I was deciding on colors. While the rest of the space was really neutral with browns/grays/whites/blacks, I wanted a pop of color and these pillows are IT! Meijer has so many other great colors though, too! I also love the cream and the gray.

2.) Blankets

OF COURSE!!! No cozy space is without blankets!!! Especially not a screened-in porch during mid-fall! My fave one is this insanely soft white + gingham one! I also picked up some blanket scarves that can double as both blankets AND scarves for this fall. It’s so simple to add some color with a blanket or two!

3.) Wall Decor

My screened-in porch honestly has VERY little space for any wall decor. The entire porch is pretty much made up of a screen! πŸ™‚ BUT – there is one area of a blank wall and the previous owners even had something here because I discovered a leftover nail! I’m thinking maybe this could be a seasonal spot for wall decor because I picked up a “Give Thanks” sign (showing, on the left) but also saw an irresistible “Home Sweet Home” black + white one (below, right).

If you’re trying to cozy up your fully outdoor porch, you could add some wall decor! Especially if it’s the back porch. I think it instantly makes a space seem more homey, welcoming, and, thus, cozy! Plus, it gives the area a little personality πŸ™‚

4.) Plants

The older I get, the more plants I want around! Both inside AND outside! Faux, real, you name-it… plants bring an instant sense of calm to a space and are just a must outside. I love that these faux ones from Meijer will be green all year round!

5.) Candles

And lastly, candles!!! What’s cozier than a flickering glow at night? Meijer has so many great Yankee Candle scents for fall right now!

That’s my list! But, I’m sure I left something out πŸ™‚ Leave a comment below to share what your favorite cozy decor items are for your home!

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