The Ultimate Amazon Gift Guide for Art that the Little Artist will LOVE

Ah, how is it time for holiday shopping?! I swear August was just here? Anyways, on with the holiday gift guides! I have a few hopefully helpful ones for you guys over the next few weeks!

First up – today’s post! If there’s one thing that my toddler is OBSESSED WITH right now, it’s…

Art supplies!

Yes, girlfriend can’t get enough! This doesn’t seem to be a phase, either. She’s been in love with Play-Doh, markers, crayons, and color for as long as I can remember. It’s just been kicked up a major notch lately!

I think our playroom is well on its way to becoming a craft room for the girls + I couldn’t be happier.

This Christmas, we likely will be giving Ava mainly art supplies, so this list came naturally and straight off of my Amazon wishlist for her. Let’s get to it!

Unicorn Chalk – Well, if this chalk just doesn’t make your little one (and you!) smile, I’m not sure what will! Beautiful and would make a great small gift or party favor, too!

36 Watercolors – This watercolor set is a dream! The colors are so rich and vibrant!

60 Rolls of Washi Tape – With so many colors and designs in this set, there are HOURS of fun to be had with all of these! A great price, too!

Tru-Ray Construction Paper – This kind of construction paper does not rip as easily as the others bc it’s heavy weight.

Metallic Crayons – I want to try these myself! How fun!

Tempera Paint Cake – Love the colors on this vibrant set!

Metallic & Glitter Crayons Set – A great duo set if you’re kiddo is into both metallic & glitter looks 🙂

Drawing Stencils – Tracing practice at its finest (and funnest)!

Face paint – Bc… why not? My toddlers steal my makeup anyways!

Face + body crayons – Again, another fun set that could be used for dress-up!

6 Mini Canvases – For your little Picasso. I like to decorate the girls’ rooms and the playroom with their art and these canvases would be perfect.

Paint Palette – These are adorable and perfect to hold all of the colors!

Swatch Book – This girl loves color!

Art Smocks – We have these and LOVE them.

Art Supplies Jar – So much variety in this large art jar!

Washable Kids Paint – We also have these and they last a long time! Very washable and the colors are great!

600 Pieces Craft Jar – Ava saw this on my computer and freaked out!!! It looks so fun.

Crayon Set – SO many colors, so many art projects to be done!

Finger Paints – My 1.5 year old would go nuts over these!

Colored Masking Tape – You just can’t go wrong with tape of any kind for busy toddler hands. We use it on art projects but I will also let them “bandage up” their dolls, too.

Do a Dot Markers – LOVE these. I’ve tried many brands of these but the Do-a-Dot ones are the best!

Paint Brushes – We use these + love them! I like that they are larger for little toddler hands 🙂

Colorful Foam Stickers – Oh, the options there are for these stickers! They are so pretty!

Glitter – And, if you’re feeling really adventurous… GLITTER! and more glitter! 🙂

What did I miss?

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