favorite Halloween books

Our Favorite Halloween Books

It’s getting so close to Halloween + I thought it would be fun to round up a few of our favorite children’s books on the subject! 🙂 Some of these books we own and others we borrow from the library!

They All Saw a Cat – A story about two cats, one black and one white, a chain of animals appears before the reader, linked together by at least one common trait. Each unexpected encounter celebrates the diversity of our world – and paints a story of connection.

The Halloween Queen – A cute lil’ story about trick-or-treating & a little girl who is afraid to go near her neighbor’s house. However, the Halloween Queen has the best candy on the whole block, and hosts a fun party too.

How to Make Friends with a Ghost – A whimsical story about how to make friends with a ghost! Very, very sweet ideas & wonderful illustrations. We laughed out loud a lot reading this book & said, “Yuck!” a lot too! 🙂

Vamperina Ballerina – We are big Vamperina fans in our house! We sing & dance to the soundtrack nearly daily. A funny little story about a vampire that becomes a ballerina.

Strictly No Elephants – Okay, so this one technically is not a Halloween book, buuuut, it is a fall book, so it made the cut. Plus, it’s one of our favorites with a meaningful storyline! This book tells the story of friendship and including others.

favorite Halloween books

Boo Who? – Boo is new. And is learning how to fit in, being a ghost & all! 🙂 A funny story about feeling invisible — and finding a way to be seen and appreciated for who you are.

Bonaparte Falls Apart – This one is our FAVORITE of the bunch! I love this story, too! This is a story about Bonaparte, a skeleton that is falling to pieces & needs help pulling himself together. Adorable story!

The Scariest Book Ever – Definitely not the scariest book ever, like the title claims! Cute story.

Cats’ Night Out – I love the cover of this book, and while it’s not the first one the girls choose, it is worth the read!!! Cats are out for a night on the town in this lively picture book about counting, dance, and music.

Trick or Treat – This book tells the story of generosity and acceptance. Oliver, the ghost who lives in that empty house, lives for Halloween! He always has a big party. This time, though, one of his invitations goes astray and two human trick-or-treaters show up!

favorite Halloween books

What are some of your favorite Halloween books? We’re always looking for more fun ones!


  • These are all so adorable! I’m loving your kids/family content. 🙂


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