33 Things I’ve Learned in 33 Years

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Today marks my 33rd trip around the sun. Ava truly thinks I’m 3 like her now and laughs so much when I tell her my new age. 🙂 This is my best attempt to round-up what I’ve learned so far in this beautiful lifetime. But, to be honest, refer to #10. Because Lord knows I still have a lot left to learn:

1) You are in control of you.

2) Nobody else is responsible for your own happiness. It’s you.

3) Bad things happen. They absolutely can change your outlook, your mindset. But don’t let them rule you.

4) If you wonder if you should do something, you probably should.

5) You are never too old to need your friends. Or your parents.

6) Food, exercise, outside time, sleep, and/or alone time are energizing for both kids AND adults.

7) Children make life so much sweeter. And messier. And busier. And louder. 🙂

8) There is a you before kids, and then there’s a you after. Sometimes they are the same person.

9) Hard work is everything. So is teamwork.

10) No matter what anyone makes you believe, they don’t know everything.

11) It’s okay to ask questions.

12) You will have strengths and weaknesses. You will find these as you grow.

13) Everyone has a gift.

14) Use that gift everyday. It will continue to bring you inner joy, even when other things cannot.

15) Social skills are essential life skills. Maybe even the most important life skills.

16) We, as humans, crave outside time. We need sunshine in our lives.

17) Sugar is highly addictive… a drug of its own kind.

18) People will judge you. It’s up to you to determine that you don’t care.

19) Fake it ’til you make it. Fake being confident until you are. But again, refer to #11.

20) Once you start making an income, start saving.

21) Once you start making an income, start investing.

22) Experiences trump things, in terms of happiness, every time.

23) Take that family vacation. Make some memories.

24) Traditions are wonderful.

25) Wear sunscreen.

26) Get yearly skin checks at the dermatologist.

27) Childbirth is one of the most surreal, magical experiences in this human life.

28) When choosing to buy a house, go off your gut feeling.

29) Watch out for the other driver, always.

30) Smile often. Even if you’re not, it tricks your brain into thinking you are happy.

31) Turn off the screen. I’m talking cellphones. I’m talking TV. I’m talking video games. Life is happening before your eyes & you’re missing it.

32) Don’t sit around waiting for something good to happen to you. You have to make it happen.

33) Prayer is powerful.

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  • Such inspirational words! Thank you!


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