Life Update: We Sold Our First Home!

Ahhh, I need to catch you guys up!

This summer we’ve been keeping a huge secret from you and I can finally share that we sold our the first home Nic and I ever bought together and bought a new one!

It’s been an exciting, nostalgic whirlwind and to be honest, I was pretty sad about leaving our home of 5 years because we really made it our own!

If you don’t know, when we bought this home, it was via short sale when the market was not good… and the place needed A LOT of love! The carpet was ripped to shreds, the walls and ceilings were yellow, the landscaping was nonexistent…. BUT we crazily saw the potential and went for it!

I’ll be sharing photos from various rooms over the next couple of weeks to share our before/afters and what exactly we did to easily update the spaces.

Today, though, I just wanted to share a big roundup of our home! More to come!


  • Such a warm and inviting home, after your loving touches, of course. You guys did such a wonderful job . . . Great taste!


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