floral first birthday party

Ellie’s Floral First Birthday

My Ellie is ONE! We celebrated our sweet girl’s first birthday this past weekend & had so much fun with family. We are blessed to have amazing families that care so much about our little girls.

I knew since last year I wanted to have a floral birthday theme since Ellie is my April baby and the weather could not have been more spring-like! A beautiful, sunny, 65 degree weather day!!! We were able to spend most of our time outside but I did set up the cake & food inside.

I kept the decor very simple with pink and gold balloons and flowers. Instead, I focused on the cakes and Ellie’s lil’ outfit. Riley, the baker behind From Scratch Cupcakes, outdid herself with the cake, smash cake, and donuts! I adore how pretty they turned out… and how delicious they were!!!

All details:

Ellie was so, so sweet when trying her cake. She definitely didn’t dive in and ate it very carefully. My little princess! A few memories I never want to forget: When we sang “Happy Birthday” to her, she looked up at me and smiled so, so big, almost as if to say, “we did it, Mom!” A lot of sleepless nights were spent with this little one this year and I hope that gets better 🙂 Also, Ava really thought we all were going to sing to her after Ellie! Ha, ha. She wanted to be sure she was able to help blow out Ellie’s candles. She also wanted the first piece of the big cake (she knew Ellie got the first piece of her cake though since she was the birthday girl). Ava knows how parties go! 🙂

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We are so excited for what’s to come but have enjoyed you every second of this year!!! We are all obsessed with you, you fit right in this lil’ family & we can’t imagine life without you in it!!!

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