Our Favorite Spring Books

I’ve been really into pulling books for a theme for our playroom lately! This month’s theme? SPRING! With a heavy emphasis on Easter + my old Beanie Baby added in for a little flair 🙂 Here are some of our family’s favorites for this season:

Bunny Roo, I Love You: Just the sweetest little board book! Simple words & beautiful illustrations.

Easter: This one is for my almost 1 year-old! It’s a basic vocabulary book but babies always love those!

My Mom and Me: I bought this book for my 3 year-old but it’s definitely geared more towards the 2 year-old crowd, I think! It came with a cute stuffed animal.

The Secret Garden: A whimsical Baby-Lit book that delves into all of the pretty flower names!

We Are the Gardeners: Joanna Gaines’ newly released book that she wrote with her kids! LOVE this book & the illustrations! It’s on the longer side & definitely for older kiddos but absolutely adorable story about Joanna & her family.

A Rainbow of My Own: Any rainbow book is a good one in my book! Pretty pictures and a fun story line.

Worm Weather: Simple, short words & phrases. It’s a simple story about having fun on a rainy day. You can make it as short or make up more to the story, though, if you’d like! Love the pictures.

I Am a Bunny: Aw, we love this book! A CLASSIC about a little bunny named Nicholas.

Baby Easter Bunny: A fun lift-the-flap book! We love that kind, always & this one is Easter-themed!

Make Way For Ducklings: A classic story made for the 4 year-old & up crowd, I’d say! Cute story about a mother duck & how it takes a team to get her ducklings to their new home.

The Runaway Bunny: Again, another classic that you can’t go wrong with! Published in 1942 & still a favorite of many.

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