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This Easton Town Center + COSI Exhibit is Everything

Just recently opened, The Rooms@Easton presented by COSI is a one-of-a-kind experience for families and kids of all ages! Come unlock these themed rooms, explore illusions, and be part of a social experiment and see your surroundings in a new light! 

Located inside the Station Building behind the AMC Easton 30 ticket booth, The Rooms are five individually themed “pop-up” interactive museum exhibits. The Rooms highlight science concepts that we experience in everyday life, only on a larger scale. The main corridor of the space will also include interactive science experiences and projects. 

“A core value of Easton is experiential innovation so partnering with the country’s top science museum for families will help us create even more memories and special experiences for our guests,” said Jennifer Peterson, Chief Executive, Easton. “We expect The Rooms@Easton to be a significant educational and fun attraction for families. Adults and kids of all ages love COSI and we’re so pleased to have them on site as we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year.” 

“Our mission is to engage, inspire and transform lives and communities – we specialize in sharing the wonder of science exploration with people of all ages,” said Dr. Frederic Bertley, President and CEO, COSI. “Through our main hub on the Scioto Peninsula, to our upcoming citywide Science Festival and now The Rooms@Easton, we want to ignite your curiosity and illustrate that science is for everyone. With more than 2 million guests a month visiting Easton, we could not be any more excited about this partnership.” 

The Rooms@Easton presented by COSI include: 
Optical Illusion Room: Immerse yourself in a wall- to-wall optical illusion room to experience how optical illusions trick the brain into seeing motion where there is none. 

Blue Block Room: Use your imagination to create and build using blue building blocks and engage in hands-on structure engineering. 

White Room: You are part of the science experiment! Contribute colored stickers to an ever-evolving white room. You will enter a constantly transforming space and see what was an all-white space morph over time thanks to visitor participation. 

Reflection Room: A wall-to-wall mirrored room to experience how parallel mirrors produce an “infinity” effect using reflection and light. 

Light Room: Changing colored lights that affect how the colored shapes on the walls are viewed. Experience how different colored lights affect the colorful room around you.

The Rooms@Easton presented by COSI will run through May 19. Open hours: 

Monday-Thursday: Noon – 8:00 PM
Friday-Saturday: Noon – 9:00 PM 
Sunday: Noon – 6:00 PM 

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