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8 Trends I’m Eyeing for Spring (+ Fun Places in Columbus to Wear Them)

Ah, yes! You read that right. SPRING.

The most glorious 6-letter word known to Ohioans.

And, ummm, why are we talking about Spring NOW? During the historically coldest part of the year in the U.S.? I mean, hello, GAC!?

It’s January! I’ll tell you why: Because we’re always looking ahead, right? And warm months ARE undeniably coming. And why NOT start incorporating these fabulous Spring trends NOW into your wardrobe (well, except for #6 :))? They may just make your winter seem a little brighter.

Without further adieu…


WEAR: Over a casual weekend breakfast, such as wafels (you read that right, not a typo) & espresso at the new Belgian Iron Wafel Co. in the Short North.

2. COLORFUL SNEAKERS. The previous link is to the absolute IT shoes when it comes to sneakers right now. Their designs, colors, everything are what designers are trying to imitate. And I’ve seen a few legit dupes for like $40, instead of their very hefty price tag. I like to share the realness with you all BUT I also like to keep it real if you know what I mean. You won’t see a $500 pair of sneakers on this girl. But you might see the dupes 🙂

WEAR: To shop at the Winter Columbus Flea on February 3.

3. GORGEOUS, COLORFUL HANDBAGS. The perfect cheery update to any outfit.

WEAR: To grab a latte at the newly opened Fox in the Snow Cafe in New Albany.

4. BEAUTIFUL EARRINGS. I’m typically a studs-kinda girl, especially with kids. There are SO MANY beautiful earrings out there right now though!

WEAR: To have a drink at Service Bar.

5. EMBELLISHED HEADGEAR. Headbands take me back to younger days, no doubt about it. They’re so functional & cute though, right?

WEAR: To listen to live music at Natalie’s Wood Fired Coal Pizza.

6. COLORFUL, HIGH WAISTED SWIMWEAR. Love the colors and mixed prints on this one. Florals are also big.

WEAR: Ummm, I tried to get creative, howeverrr, save this one for the beach or the pool, ladies! 🙂

7. FEMININE, RUFFLED TOPS. Give me all the ruffled, puffy sleeves, feminine blouses. I love them paired with denim for a simple, chic, casual look.

WEAR: Vintage shopping at Flower Child in the Short North.

8. YELLOW. I barely own any yellow but can tell you the yellow pieces I do own, I love & wear quite frequently in the spring and summer months. What a happy color!

WEAR: To pop against the neutral decor at the popular, plant-forward Comune restaurant.


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