10 Most-Used Amazon Purchases of 2018

Amazon Prime is obviously a mom’s BFF & this year it saved my life on many occasions! Everything I bought from Amazon this year proved to be either helpful, fun, or useful BUT this is THE list of the things I bought that we used either everyday or at least every week. The best of Amazon, 2018, if you will:most-used amazon purchases of 2018

PICASSO TILES: If you don’t have these for your kiddo, you need to consider getting some. This cheaper, but just as high quality, version of MagnaTiles provided us with HOURS of fun! I bought them at the beginning of the year & Ava STILL loves playing & designing all kinds of things with them. Bonus: I use them with my students at school, too! Kids of ALL ages LOVE them.

READING PILLOW: I was sooo tired of having to prop up 1873487 pillows to read a book in bed. This baby is petite enough that it doesn’t take over the entire bed but it gets the job done, for sure! Such a useful purchase that I use daily.

SLEEP SACK: Ava used this EVERY DAY this year. I wasn’t sure if she would be into them after turning 2 but she still loved it. Lately, she has said she doesn’t want a sleep sack anymore but this thing kept her cozy all year long. She wore the XL size.

PANTRY: My mom found this online when she was helping us with the logistics of what we could fit in our small kitchen when we started redoing it. It fits PERFECTLY on the diagonal wall in our kitchen, adding tons of storage & it looks cute, too!

KINETIC SAND: I had heard sooo many great things about this play sand that NEVER dries out. Ava has made all kinds of things with this, including cupcakes, LOL. I also use this with my students. They BEG me to use this & I love it because of the sensory input it gives… even adults say they need some of this, calling it “therapeutic” on many occasions. It also makes for a solid gift.

DOG FLEECE JACKET: Although I just recently purchased these for both of my dogs (and only one of my dogs will actually wear it willingly :)), I know they will be staples for my dogs. Such a great price, will keep them so warm this winter, and they come in the PRETTIEST colors. My fave is the one we bought for Reagan, the peach one! She wears it 24/7.

POTTY SEAT: I just went there, yes! This potty seat was such a smart buy for us! My sis-in-law/bro-in-law use this with their kiddos & Nic & I knew we had to have one, too! Perfect bc there’s a little seat for the littles, but it easily folds up. Ava can use this all by herself, too. #independence with potty training is worth it for everyone!

35 MM F/2 CAMERA LENS: Well, this lens barely ever came off my camera & I think we all know I take A LOT of pictures. Affordable in the world of nice lenses & the quality is amazing. I shot 99% of my blog photos with this lens this year.

EAR THERMOMETER: The forehead thermometer we originally had never did it for us. It was SO inaccurate which is NOT consoling when you have a crying, sick, little one. This ear thermometer is very accurate and something we’ve used ALL year. Highly recommend.

CROCKPOT: Our old crockpot bit the dust but this one is basically the same one we had. We use it at least twice a week now, since having kids!!! LOVE the timer on it.

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  • I always enjoy your blog and tips on products. I definitely will be ordering a few of your 2018 picks from Amazon. Thanks and Happy Nee Year to you and your sweet family!!

  • All true. Especially Potty seat, every one just want to get BabyJorn potty for their kiddo. It’s been an amazing year lor purchases.


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