Our Favorite Books for Babies & Toddlers

favorite-books-for-toddlers-and-babiesI’ve been meaning to write this post about our favorite books for babies and toddlers for awhile. We have A LOT of books in our house but we keep going back to these favorites!
Being a Speech-Language Pathologist, I personally tend to love books rich in vocabulary and I don’t just go for the pretty covers. Specifically, for babies, I gravitate toward books that have amazing illustrations and short but rhythmic text. These are our favorite books:

Baby Touch and Feel Animals – This is best for the baby crowd! Definitely one of my 7 month old’s favorites because it’s simple & tactile!

Cha Cha Chimps – Ideal for toddlers! It’s the cutest story with a fun rhythm! The first time I read this, I truly laughed out loud at the ending!

Snuggle Puppy – This one could be for babies or toddlers! We love it!

Baby Says “Moo”! – When my 2 year old was a baby-18  months, this one was on MAJOR repeat. I pretty much had the book memorized. It’s so cute.

Mix It Up – Toddlers will LOVE this one! An engaging, interactive book.

Ellie – Not sure where our cover went for this one. But this book, Ellie, is the story of an elephant that wants to help & ends up discovering a hidden talent. Very sweet story.

I Love You Through and Through – My 7 month old’s FAVORITE book. The text is short and sweet and the illustrations are engaging because they involve a baby!

Moo, Baa, La La La! – Ava’s FAVORITE book when she was a baby! She still likes it and has it memorized!

The Little Engine That Could – We read this classic story every night for the longest time. Toddler approved!

Where Does Kitty Go in the Rain? – The illustrations in this story are amazing. A sweet story about a little girl looking for her kitty in the rain!

Those are our favorite books for babies and toddlers! What about you? Do you have any favorites in your house? I’d love to check them out! Leave a comment, below 🙂

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