2018 Holiday Gift Guide // Sephora Sale!

Oh, Sephora. How I adore thee. Do you guys? While I love good drugstores finds, I always have certain pricier products that I can’t give up using! Have you signed up to be a Beauty Insider with them? It’s free and you earn points which earns you free stuff… so if you like beauty/skincare/makeup products, then you might as well! 🙂 This weekend, they’re offering their Beauty Insiders 15% OFF EVERYTHING! Items that never, ever go on sale. How wonderful is that? Just in time for holiday shopping! Woohoo!

I’ll share a few of my all-time fave Sephora finds with you! My current nightly skincare routine has recently been revamped after reading TONS of reviews about various products including serums and oils. I LOVE this moisturizer and this Vitamin C serum is amazing!!! I’m so glad I went with both of those products. Do you guys use a serum? I apply it after I wash my face and before my moisturizer. Also, my tried-and-true all-time FAVORITE facial oil is on sale too! This stuff works wonders, relieving red and irritated areas. You apply it after your moisturizer and I promise your skin will be so refreshed in the morning! I love it! Also, I always come back to this eye cream as it feels thick without being too much. This is the best mascara I’ve ever tried! On the days I don’t want to wear foundation (which I try to make this at least 1 or 2 days per week), I’ve used this tinted moisturizer for years. A little goes a long way, so it lasts forever. Also, in terms of hair care, this hair mask and this shampoo cannot be beat & add a bit of luxury to your routine when you need that extra oomph!

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